Turkish snacks Box

In the webshop you can find different types of Turkish snacks box. This Turkish Snacks Box contains different kinds of Turkish sweets, cookies, chocolate, cake and other kinds of snacks. For example, you can find snacks from the brand Ulker. In the Turkish snacks box you can find ulker biskrem, ulker canpare, ulker cokomel, ulker canpare, ulker hanimeller, ulker rond, ulker ikram, ulker cubuk kraker, ulker gofret, ulker dankek and other kinds of products from ulker. We also have Turkish snacks box with sweets from the brand eti. These Turkish snacks boxes contain products such as eti cin , eti puf, eti Popkek, eti Topkek, eti Hoşbeş, eti crax and other kinds of sweets, cookies, cakes and chocolate from the brand eti. You can also find products from the Zuber brand. In addition, you can also order Turkish snack packages with Turkish tea and Turkish coffee. We also have gift boxes with snacks from Turkey, these gift packages consist of Turkish sweets and other nice products that come from Turkey. You can give it as a birthday present, for example. We also have other types of theme packs. For example, Mother’s Day gift packages.